Victor Rodriguez

Lives and Works: DUMBO, NY

Medium: Painting 

ISW: On Tuesday, October 14th, 2014 InSitu Works hosted an open studio visit for artist Victor Rodriguez. Much like the studio visits with new artists to InSitu, this served as an opportunity for the artist to explain his influences and processes regarding his newest body of work. Attended by collectors, fellow artists, and students from Sotheby's Institute of Art and New York University, Rodriguez's studio was open for questions, comments, and acquisition inquiries.

Victor Rodriguez paintings explore the perception of memory, as seen through the intricate reproduction and deconstruction of photographs. He creates his finished works by painting and repainting photographs, allowing them to transform into fractured compositions with unexpected colors. Rodriguez likens this process to the ways in which memories can cause one to re-imagine the present by reworking traces of the past. Rodriguez has participated in solo and group shows in Italy, Peru, Berlin, Paris, Mexico City, and across the United States.