The Ocean Is What I Meant By by Brian Prugh

On Thursday, October 2, 2014, InSitu Works hosted a salon talk with artist Brian Prugh. This salon occurred in conjunction with the References, a pop-up exhibition featuring the work of Victor Rodriguez, Aldo Chaparro, Misha Tyutyunik, and Brian Prugh. Informed by an interdisciplinary practice involving language, drawing, and sculpture, Brian Prugh explores textile in his most recent body of work. Prugh creates his tulle pieces by attaching layers of cut fabric to a wooden frame. Each layer is separated by a thin stripe of wood. The result creates interference (moiré) patterns that change as the viewer changes position. Most, but not all, of the marks on the tulle are created by cutting out words. Prugh’s reference in this body of work is the poem from which the words are taken: the opening stanza of Ben Lerner’s Mean Free Path.

I finished the reading and looked up
Changed in the familiar ways. Now for a quiet place
To begin the forgetting. The little delays
Between sensations, the audible absence of rain
Take the place of objects. I have some questions
But they can wait. Waiting is the answer
I was looking for. Any subject will do
So long as it recedes. Hearing the echo
Of your own blood in the shell but picturing
The ocean is what I meant by