InSitu Works is an online marketplace and advisory that offers collectors the opportunity to discover, learn about and acquire contemporary art. Through our curated selection of artworks, we enable young collectors to find high-quality artworks and grant emerging artists a platform for exposure and development.

Backed by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and New York Foundation for the Arts, our mission is to cultivate the demand for art among young collectors by creating intimate encounters with art both on and offline. Proceeds from all sales are reinvested in programming focused in the promotion and development of emerging artists.

Why did we name our company InSitu Works?

In situ in latin means in place, or in the original position. In art, in situ refers to a work of art made specifically for a host site, taking into account the site in which the work of art is installed or exhibited. Our goal is to find the perfect piece for your space, hence the name InSitu Works.