The Biome of Heliogabalus

November 11th - December 7th

110 Rio Suchiate San Pedro, Garza Garcia N.L. Mexico

Monday - Friday 9 AM - 7 PM 

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The Biome of Heliogabalus is the second chapter in the Shrinebeast Cycle, an ambitious narrative project by Andrew Paul Woolbright that explores the transformation of the artist and his wife as they continue to evolve into higher love­forms. This chapter explores their ongoing evolutionary process as they explore a romantic landscape created by Heliogabalus, the caesar who drowned the subjects of his court in rose petals.

This biome of love and longing is both seductive and dangerous; composed of cyclical landscapes built out of historical paintings of the Romantic period, it presents an art historical dreamscape of parasitic nostalgia rendered in iridescence and alluring chroma. The Shrinebeasts represent a unique third identity. They have transitioned towards a new shared identity that exists between lovers, generated out of empathy and a romantic singularity. As they explore their new dreamscape of old paintings, they accumulate the language and aesthetic of romanticism on their bodies. Vomiting rose petals, choked with strings of pearls, and weighed down by Baroque tombs, their love is not a choice but a decadent, unalterable, destiny.

Woolbright integrates paintings, sculpture, and video into an ongoing project entitled The Shrinebeast Narrative. Using his wife and himself as subjects within his work, Woolbright has been constructing an expansive mythology that documents their ongoing transformation into moving shrines of love. Using this mythology, he examines love and sentiment and their political and personal relationship to individuals, relationships, narratives, and histories.

Andrew Paul Woolbright (American, b. 1986) is a contemporary visual artist working in Beacon, NY. Woolbright attended the School of the Art Institute Chicago where he was greatly influenced by the work of the alternative figuration of Ivan Albright and Mary Lou Zelazny before being taught by Angela Dufresne at the Rhode Island School of Design. Woolbright received his MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and has exhibited with Ann Nathan Gallery in Chicago, Nancy Margolis and DM Contemporary in New York, and Yellow Peril in Providence.